Remote Project Suppliers LLC

Being based in Houston, a world capitol in the Energy Industry, RPS is capable of delivering the best solutions for its customers from OEM to aftermarket, from brand new to refurbished equipment throughout the every aspect of the exploration and production phases.

RPS is a customer based supply company serving tailored to its customers' needs specifically. With its wide manufacturer and vendor portfolio- we will always find the best solution for your needs.

Remote Project Suppliers LLC (RPS) is a Houston based supplier company established in 2010. From its beginning, RPS has prided itself on delivering the best equipment and shipping solutions to its customers in all operations throughout the world.

Its team of professionals have equipment supply and logistics experience in various drilling, production and pipeline operations in locations such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Georgia, Albania, Northern Iraq and USA.

ındustrıes we are ın

​oıl & gas, geothermal, mınıng, constructıon

drıllıng, cementıng & mlu servıces

Through our affılıate egesenergy​ based ın turkey


Who we are! 

New / used equıpment-materıal

known bıg brands to  alternatıve aftermarket

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